Special Supplement 6 - Illegal Trade in ODS

Special Supplement 6 - Illegal Trade in ODS A special issue of the OzonAction Newsletter focussing on the causes and method of illegal trade in ODS and how the international community is combatting it. Available in English, Français, Español. UNEP OzonAction Programme - October 2001

Training Manual for Customs Officers - 2008

Training Manual for Customs Officers: Saving the Ozone Layer - Phasing out Ozone Depleting Substances in Developing Countries - Second Edition. 
This second edition takes into account the developments in the international trade and provides new material to reflect the changes in the Montreal Protocol, Harmonised System codes, licensing systems and other relevant information since it's original publication in - 2001.

The Green Customs Flyer

The Green Customs Flyer - 2008

The Green Customs Guide

The Green Customs Guide provides information and guidance to Customs and other border control officers to assist in their efforts to monitor and facilitate the legal trade and to detect and prevent the illegal trade in environmentally sensitive commodities such as ozone depleting substances, toxic chemicals, hazardous waste, endangered species and living modified organisms - 2008.